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seaflowers's Journal

~ icons by : amalthea ♥
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- greetings -
Welcome to Sea Flowers, the graphics journal/community of lastunicorn. This is the journal in which I may post icons and other various graphics I have created for other livejournal members to use. If you like my graphics, feel free to join this community so you may be updated on new icons sets, profile banners, and screen caps.

Remember, this is not my personal journal. If you wish to add me to your friend's list, you may do so at: lastunicorn

- rules -
Yes, I do have a few rules if you plan on using any of my graphics. This is not to be mean or anything quite like that, but they are needed.

1. Please credit if you use any icons/graphics. Some people allow you to use their graphics without any credit, however, I would like if you could do so.
2. Please do not alter the icons/graphics without permission. If you would like to change the colors around or anything like that, please ask permission before doing so.
3. Please do not steal anything that is posted in this journal and claim it as your own. It is quite rude and very inconsiderate.

- credits -
Most of the brushes I use are from Obsidian Dawn. However, many of the borders are by wicked_enough, ca_pris, liars_dance, neke, fearher & vblackangelv from the 100x100_brushes community. Some of the brushes and textures are also of my own creation.